Dynamic Control and Automation, LLC is a one-stop source for custom and semi-custom production and process solutions.  We are a designer and builder of machines to implement and/or improve manufacturing, packaging, and inspection processes.  Our approach is tailored to each fit each individual situation and matched to the needs of the client.

We are able to provide fully automated turn-key equipment, semi-automated machines, or non-automated mechanical fixturing to improve process reliability and reduce product variability.

Design Philosophy:


Human beings are very flexible, easy to train and (generally) helpful at solving problems.  Machines are very good at repetitive tasks, precisely following pre-set instructions, and dependable.  We design systems with this firmly in mind.  The appropriate level of automation for each project is carefully evaluated as a cooperative effort with the client.

Implementation Philosophy:


When implementing automated processes, there is normally some interaction with machine operators (even if it only involves loading raw materials).  We design systems to be easy to use in the most economical manner possible given the objectives and requirements of the project.


  • Operator interfaces make maximum use of still and/or moving images versus text (very helpful when English is not the operator’s native language, or if translation is needed).
  • Maintenance manuals are clear and easy to understand.
  • Schematics are provided in “function-based” format to make troubleshooting easy.
  • Source code is provided on automated equipment so that the customer can make changes or updates independently if desired.
  • Automated process data collection functionality is included in most semi or fully automated systems.




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