Dynamic control and automation can provide turn-key fully automated, semi-automated, or non-automated equipment for the following:


  • Assembly processes (we are specialists in “hard tooling” and mechanical fixturing)
  • Assembly aids (pick-to-light systems)
  • Fastener installation
  • Dispensing processes
  • Packaging processes
  • Inspection processes


Due to the fact that we have a high degree of vertical integration and in-house capability, we are able to   provide concept/design services, fabrication of a customer’s design, or purely software-based products such as process monitoring, process data analysis, etc…


Our Process:

1. ROM:  The first step is preparation of a “ROM” (Rough Order of Magnitude) for the client.  The ROM will include an outline of the concept being put forward, an approximate timeline, and budgetary information.  The ROM provides a basis for discussion regarding the project and helps to clarify the project scope and expectations.


2. Proposal:  The proposal is generated after the ROM has been discussed and iterated as necessary.  The proposal provides detailed information about the project under consideration and delineates what is in (or out of) scope, and the needs of the client and Dynamic Control and Automation for successful and timely completion of the project.


3. Quotation:  If a proposal is accepted, a quotation is provided. The quotation is primarily a finance/accounting document and will always reference a proposal (which is primarily an engineering/technical document).


4. Receipt of Deposit


5. URS:  A User Requirements Specification is the first step in the detailed design of any system.  It provides clarification on the needs of the client (such as safety, facilities/utilities, data collection, inspection/measurement methods, operator interfaces etc..), This document also clarifies information and/or materials that will be needed from the client by Dynamic Control and Automation.



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